The AWS New England Certification Challenge

Propel your career with validated cloud skills

Sign up to participate in the challenge to have the opportunity to earn a new AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification! All suggested training is free, including our AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials digital course. The best part? You can complete the preparation path with your peers within NCUS Tec!

What is an AWS Certification Challenge?

It’s a program designed to help you prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam. We support your learning journey with a recommended path of free self-paced digital instruction, live virtual instructor training and study sessions, a practice exam, and a final online proctored certification exam.

Time commitment?

An AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Challenge program requires approximately 20-25 hours of learning over the duration of the Challenge, with all activities accessible in a virtual/digital format. Challenge will be live from September 30th - November 30th.

Round 1 begins on September 30th - October 31st.

Round 2 begins on November 1st - November 30th. 


Benefits of an AWS Certification Challenge?

You can gain new skills, demonstrate your potential, and start planning a career in the cloud. Earning your AWS Cloud practitioner certification demonstrates that you have an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.


You’ll also build your credibility and confidence with the cloud skills required to innovate faster. In fact, 91% of organizations with AWS Certified staff say having that staff increases innovation with AWS services.

  • Upskill learners on relevant technology in a fun, interactive training environment

  • Learners understand the basics of cloud  computing and what it means for the business

  • Connect learners across the business under a common goal.

  • Learners who gain their certifications are considered for AWS employment opportunities.

Supporting Organizations

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Additional Resources

Introduction: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: Familiarize yourself with our foundational AWS Certification in this overview video. Learn how you can highlight your understanding of the AWS Cloud.

Upcoming free training events: Register for one of the upcoming events before the Challenge deadline!


Need more training resources?

Cloud Practitioner Essentials On-Demand (6 hours) In case you miss the live Cloud Practitioner Essentials session, learn about AWS Cloud resources concepts, core AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support to build your AWS Cloud knowledge and help prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam in this on-demand, digital training course. The course includes a practice assessment.

Exam Guide Download the Exam Overview for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and get a detailed look at the topics covered, a complete breakdown of the testing methodology, access to learning resources like sample questions and practice tests, and more!

AWS Cloud Quest Cloud Practitioner A role-playing learning game that helps you develop practical cloud skills through interactive learning and hands-on activities using AWS services.

Sample Exam Questions An example of how the questions are on the exam.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Official Practice Question Set The official practice exam to help you test your knowledge.

AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner An on demand interactive series to learn the essential information you need to build your future in the AWS Cloud. Over the course of six episodes, our hosts will guide you through the content with demonstrations and real-world examples.

Review Technical Documentation. Broaden your technical understanding with whitepapers and other documentation written by the AWS team:


1.  Overview of Amazon Web Services (estimated time: two hours)

2. How AWS Pricing Works (estimated time: 45 minutes)

3. Compare AWS Support Plans (estimated time: 15 minutes)